Should I use a launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Following on from the stock android thread that was posted, how much difference does a launcher make to touchwiz?
My last Samsung was a S3lte and I hated touchwiz so much I bought a nexus.
Now launchers are available does it minimise how much you see TW?
With all the extra apps isn’t the phone wanting updating all the time?
How much has TW improved since then?

Sorry for so many vague open-ended questions and thanks in advance..



Is there an IR Blaster for the Samsung Galaxy S7

Don’t see one?

Samsung may think everybody has a smart TV and you can bluetooth your phone to it.But you can not bluetooth your phone to the satellite Box.
So the IR blaster was a Must for me.
And I wanted a 64gb phone.
Looks like Samsung will have another bad year.
They just don’t seem to learn from a previous year of bad mistakes

What are your favorite cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a real thing, the hunt is on for the best cases.

I’m super interested in learning about the types of cases you’re after, so be sure to sound off below on the best cases you’ve found so far.

We’re going to roundup your selections in a ‘Best cases for Galaxy S7’ article. Your contributions and suggestions will help shape the article! Big thanks in advance for your input!

That’s exactly what I’m looking at right now! And I’m sticking with what I know works. I have the Spigen Ultra Hybrid for my S5 and it has been the most remarkable case with a minimal size/appearance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my phone and dropped it HARD (nearly as hard as if I’d thrown it)! It’s landed face up, face down, on the corners…ALL without one single dent, scratch…nada! I also have a ZAGG screen protector (film) and I’m sure that helps too. At the end of two years (couple of months) this phone will be in excellent condition and bring top value.